Meet Lindsay

Indulge your childhood cookie dough craving.

Our gourmet edible cookie dough has the preservative-free cookie ingredients you love with no egg, making it a safe, fun, and dough'licious alternative to raw dough. If you’ve ever made cookies, but only half the batch makes it into the oven (the other half making it into your mouth)...and you recall your mom saying, “Don’t eat that, it has raw eggs in it, you’re going to get sick!”...then you get it.

Lindsay founded The Cookie Jar DC in February 2016 "by mistake" when she was just looking for something fun to do. While playing around in her kitchen and trying to recreate those amazing cookie dough balls she used to sneak from the freezer in her sorority house, she was inspired to bring edible cookie dough to everyone!

Lindsay grew up in St. Louis and moved to DC in 2009 after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. She's worked in the nonprofit and tech startup worlds focused on marketing and communications, during which time she also received an MBA and Master of Jewish Education.